Cedar Point

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What happens if you put 18 great rollercoasters on an island in Lake Erie? Simple: people will start to call it America’s Roller Coast and it will appear on every coaster enthusiast’s bucket list. Cedar Point is without a doubt one of the world’s leading amusement parks and it’s the even the number 1 when it comes to coasters. The park is famous for thrilling, record-breaking rides like Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster and Valravn. My absolute favourite is Maverick, an Intamin Blitz Coaster which is known for its intense curves and snappy transitions. This isn’t the fastest or tallest ride in the park, but it sure is a unique experience. Next year, the park will open another world-class coaster. Rocky Mountain Construction is currently working on Steel Vengeance, one of the world’s largest hybrid coasters. In other words: Cedar Point’s famous skyline is about to get even more fabulous.

Cedar Point originally opened in 1870 and has a rich history. That’s why there aren’t only modern coasters in this park. You’ll also discover attractions like Gemini (a large duelling coaster which opened in 1978) and Cedar Creek Mine Ride, a family coaster that dates back to 1969. The oldest rollercoaster at Cedar Point is the 54-year old Blue Streak, a pretty smooth woodie with a surprising amount of airtime.

Cedar Point has a wide range of rollercoasters and you shouldn’t visit this park if you don’t like coasters. However, the park also offers a children’s area and a large number of family rides. And although theming is very limited at Cedar Point, atmosphere is great. The park is blessed with a great location, staff are extremely friendly and ride capacity is pretty awesome. Yes, this place does get packed during the summer season, but lines move quickly. That’s why Cedar Point is one of the best amusement parks on Earth.



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