Dorney Park

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We had a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass in 2017 and we needed to take a plane in Newark. So hey… why don’t we spend an afternoon at Dorney Park, which literally lies on our route to the airport? We didn’t expect much from this park and that’s a good thing. Dorney Park is very clean and crew members were helpful, but none of the rides stand out in a good way. Most attractions feel rather standard and the theming level is low. I do want to mention Hydra and Talon, a floorless and an inverted rollercoaster respectively. Both rides are incredibly smooth and especially Hydra’s lay-out is surprising. The ride features the world wide unique Jojo Roll, which basically is a heartline roll placed between the station and the lifthill.

Dorney Park is one of those parks you should just visit for credit hunting. It’s not worth a day trip from New York, so please choose Six Flags Great Adventure or Hersheypark instead. However, if you plan to come here, you should be able to see the entire park in five or six hours, depending on crowds.

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